1 day I had a quarrel with my buddy... I said,"U noe what? I think that I can live witout u...

I laughed but then i saw my buddy face turning sad and started to ignored me.. The day after that, I went 2 scool alone... Kinda bored... I usually went 2 scool wit my buddy... then, ego i realized that we jus had a fight...

Ah...what the heck I can sing to swept away the boredness... When I sat in the clasz n looked beside buddy is nowhere to be found.. my buddy has switch places... so waht?? Ego stricke back n I still can hear what the teacher is teaching witout my buddy..

Then, it recess tyme.. I bought the food as usual.. That's odd... I can ate untill full without my buddy..I went home then alone again...The weather is hot that day...I said to myself that getting hot is nothin to do with friendship..

That evenin, I went 2 the park.. I smiled when I saw the children playing in the park.. See?? I can
still smile without my buddy around.. Suddenly, I saw a pink note lying near me.. I read it.. The
note says 'Friendship will never dies no metter what the situation is..' Out of nowhere i realized
that my eyes is burst with tears n I am actually thinking about my buddy..
The next day, When I went 
2 scool.. I saw my buddy.. Quickly I hugged my buddy n asked for forgiveness.. mY buddy was quite indeed in a shock.. my buddy asked me what happen.. I then told her that.. " U wanna noe smething, myb I could sing all day alone but it is juz like a lyric without a melody bcz there's no U there
to sing it with me.

Myb i can hear what the teacher taught in front but I jz can't focus enough bcz there's no U to tell me to listen n focus wit me..myb i can ate until my stomach is full but its to full
bcz there's no U to share n finish the food with me..

Myb I can went home alone in a hot day but not
in a rainy day bcz there's no one besides U to share the umbrella with me.. n myb I can smile all
day long but it is juz not sincerely enough bcz there is no U to smile trough the day with me:)"

CREDIT to my BFF aimi nadiah...wey ko punya blog nama apa? lupa. Nanti aku tengok!

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Miss Ran 

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